UX Designer

Barco ClickShare


Virtual ClickShare Demo

High fidelity prototype for SGXU. Team Lead and UX Designer. 



ClickShare is a wireless meeting room technology solution. While they are leaders of the wireless meeting tech arena they are looking to expand more quickly in the market. When people get their hands on ClickShare they love it, but the physical demos cannot keep up with the pace of expansion. Our team was given the challenge of creating an online experience that gives users the feel of "the click" without needing the physical button. 



ClickShare has a limited market reach due to the lack of scalability of physical demos to share the value and experience of ClickShare.



Design a virtual demo that simulates the physical experience of ClickShare and displays the unique value in an engaging and scalable way.



The purpose of our research was to choose a platform that effectively expands the current reach of ClickShare's demo and determine which features to highlight in our experience. Our research included a retailer visit, competitive and market analysis, surveys and interviews. 


Users Want:

  • Cable-free presenting

  • High quality resolution

  • Easy contribution—ability to switch between different presenters

  • Scalable technology

Users Experience:

  • Lack of contribution

  • Unreliable technology

  • Inefficiency from technology set up and/or switching of presenters

  • Technology incompatibility



Key Messaging 

  • The click of the button and its simplicity

  • A continuous emphasis on contribution

  • Highlight the pain points and draw attention to the benefits of ClickShare

UX Strategy

Because the demo requires user to interact heavily with the site, the design needed to be equally as responsive to reward their efforts. The responses should highlight the impact and entertainment value ClickShare brings to meetings.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 5.14.50 PM.png

Design Process

The design went through many iterations from paper prototype to wireframes to ultimately a high fidelity prototype. Many rounds of user testing went into discovering the most natural ways for users to participate in an online demonstration of physical technology. 



Below is a video that demonstrates the flow of the demo site. It begins with a click, and goes on to show users how ClickShare enables collaboration in meetings, saves money, and cleans up the technology in your company's meeting rooms. Lastly the experience drives the user to discover more about ClickShare models. 


User Journey

The online demo takes the user through how the technology works by showing them a comparison of ClickShare to wired presentation technology,  and a meeting waste calculator. This ultimately drives the user to choose a ClickShare model. See the main idea what users will think and feel below.